MediShout’s product allows healthcare providers to prioritise problems and predictive software analytics prevent equipment issues! The company launched their application with healthcare providers and works with suppliers to integrate communication in the clinical setting.

The company is active in NHS hospitals, and clinics, and allows healthcare providers to instantly report any issues encountered. Users simply select their location, describe their problem, add a photo, and press Shout!

MediShout raised Seed funding, has been awarded an Innovate UK grant, and is a member of the NHS Clinical Entrepreneur programme.

Log my Care’s product enables care planning from a smart management system and saves a carer’s time with an easy to use mobile app. It runs on most mobile devices and is designed to allow carers to easily record and coordinate care on the go.

The company has experienced rapid organic growth in the UK and has entered into agreements with several care home groups.

Log my Care raised Seed funding to further develop their freemium product for use in the European market.

Concentric is a digital consent and shared decision making web application which transforms the paper process of giving consent for a procedure or treatment. Concentric is used internationally, including at sites such as Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust, Chelsea and Westminster Hospitals NHS Trust and Swansea Bay University Health Board.

Evidence-based information, which is personalised to the individual, is available across the specialties to facilitate a shared conversation, and support understanding both within and outside the consultation room. Remote consent functionality supports fully remote pre-treatment pathways. This video demonstrates how Concentric works: 


Consent for treatment is a key element of care, in terms of the quality of clinical decision-making, experiences of patient-centred care, and organisational medico-legal risk. Digital transformation of your consent process with Concentric will lead to reduced consent form errors and medicolegal risk, improved documentation of the consent process, remote consent functionality, improved patient experience and understanding of decisions, clinical time released, improved operational efficiency and reduced paper use.

Collective Minds delivers a cloud collaboration service to unlock the almost unlimited clinical experience of the medical community. With new technology inspired from transformed industries, a solid legal framework and a disruptive commercial model, doctors get access to data, human expertise and new artificial intelligence tools to get their patients to the right treatment, faster.

We are developing a cloud-based healthcare service for collaboration, consultation and access to new digital tools and human expertise.

Our vision is to challenge the status quo of musculoskeletal radiology, increasing throughput by automating routine tasks, whilst improving diagnostic quality and consistency.

Based on advanced computer vision and deep learning methods we can in real time perform an analysis of the X-ray right after it’s acquired. Our output is a secondary capture and a fully automated text report describing findings and impressions which is easily integrated with PACS.

We’re automating the analysis and description of routine medical x-ray images at hospitals, with a focus on musculoskeletal radiology.

Tinnitus refers to hearing sounds – usually ringing – where no external source is present. It’s estimated to affect over one in eight people, and can be debilitating if not properly managed. Oto combines medical expertise with evidence-based digital therapeutics tools to empower users to effectively manage their tinnitus and tune in to what matters.

How does it work? The Oto app provides accessible treatment through a tailored blend of all known effective tinnitus management therapies, including a progressive course of cognitive behavioural therapy, targeted mindfulness, relaxation therapy and education. This is delivered on a free-to-download app that will, in time, weave in premium content and offerings. There is no cure for tinnitus, but learning to live with it can feel like tuning out the sound of a car or a plane on a long journey. Keeping it under control can free up headspace and significantly improve quality of life.

Habitual provides digital therapeutics for disease reversal by combining digital therapeutics with nutritional treatment. 

Immunie is a Digital Vaccination Records Network, trusted by vetted healthcare professionals and authenticated via Blockchain. Our network connects people, clinics, exam laboratories, airline companies, schools and governments, under the highest digital authentication and privacy levels.

Immunie’s proprietary solution allows people to control their data using blockchain technology. An easy to use Token system enables the secure issuance of digital vaccination cards and travel certificates.
Our friendly and intuitive interface makes it available globally for any user with a mobile phone or computer connected to the internet.

Parkinson’s is a neurodegenerative disorder affecting 10 million people around the world. Despite the best available medical and surgical interventions people with Parkinson’s are often frustrated as they remain significantly limited in their activities. Charco Neurotech developed CUE1, a focused vibrotactile stimulation device for people with Parkinson’s.

CUE1 uses a unique combination of two research-validated vibration-based Parkinson’s therapies; focussed stimulation and cueing. They help with the initiation and execution of movement and reduce slowness to smoothen movement. The device also features a medication alert system, which the user can set in their phone. The device discretely reminds the user with a silent vibration when they need to take their medication. The CUE1  application also includes a number of fun games designed to track symptom severity over time. These data can be used by Parkinson’s specialists to help evaluate users during their checkups.

Spyras delivers virtual respiratory physiotherapy sessions to people living with lung conditions to improve their lives from the comfort of their own homes. Using innovative technologies and powerful data analytics, users follow guided training exercises with connected health wearables that empower changes through personalised, data-led care. Consistent biofeedback to care-givers and providers give clinical carers the vital information to make the best decisions on their patient’s recovery journey at the time they need it.
Aether Biomedical is building the operating system for the rehabilitation industry. It aims to facilitate the replacement, augmentation, and rehabilitation of the human musculoskeletal system. It is focused on building biosignal processing software and digital therapeutics, complemented by smart therapy hardware to improve the end-to-end patient therapy journey. heir first product, “Zeus,” is focused on upper limb amputations. It is a multi-action bionic limb. It has already become the strongest hand on the market and solves the key problems plaguing the prosthetic industry: lack of grip strength, fragility, zero repairability, and a dire lack of personalization. 
Aether is currently looking for technological minds to join the core team and work with us in our journey of making rehabilitation data driven. 

Cleveland Clinic is one of the leading providers of specialised medical care in the world, focused on providing clinical excellence and superior patient outcomes.

It is an integrated healthcare delivery system with hospitals, clinics and wellness centres in the U.S. (Ohio, Florida and Nevada), Canada (Toronto) and the U.A.E. (Abu Dhabi).

As part of our international business strategy, our first healthcare facility in London will be an Outpatient Centre at 24 Portland Place, Marylebone opening in 2021. Cleveland Clinic London hospital will be located at 33 Grosvenor Place, near Buckingham Palace, in the heart of London’s Belgravia. The hospital – an eight-story, 325,000-square-foot-building – is currently under construction. We will begin treating patients here in 2022.

Through collaboration and learning, Cleveland Clinic London will combine the best of Cleveland Clinic with the best of UK healthcare.

Mursla is a Cambridge-based exosome liquid biopsy company.

Exosomes have recently shown 94% specificity and 90% sensitivity for the detection of 16 cancer types via a single blood draw. We developed a technology to bring this to clinics with higher specificity, higher throughput and cheaper prices for the routine screening of 1B population at risk.

Krew is the most advanced live digital fitness product. Peloton without the £3k bike. We offer live fitness sessions (including adjacent categories like physiotherapy and nutrition) with real humans, while augmenting the experience with AI such as leaderboards and pose correction. Our proprietary engine allows us to offer the latest AI to anyone with a camera-enabled device (phone, tablet, laptop) without the need to buy expensive hardware or sensors, and it allows us to scale to serve millions of people at the same time.