Louise Glanvill

Conference Lead, LBS MBA 2022

NHS Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery registrar. London Business School Service & Society Scholar. Committed to a career delivering transformational change in healthcare via hospital management, innovation and investment.

Vishesha Khemka

Marketing, LBS MBA 2022

Prior to LBS, Vishesha worked in Management consulting and had the opportunity to run her start-up in Healthcare sector in India. In her free time, she loves to scuba dive and is training to run the 10k soon!

Jesús Romo

Speakers, LBS MBA 2022

Jesús is aiming to build a career in product and health-tech. Prior to LBS, Jesus worked at Integration Consulting, where over five years he specialized in commercial strategy and project implementation by delivering +25 projects across LATAM, the US and Europe in healthcare and CPGs.

Niyati Bansal

Speakers, LBS MBA 2022

Niyati is a second-generation entrepreneur, passionate about creating affordable medicines for the Indian healthcare market. She has spearheaded multiple end-to-end drug development and super-speciality market entry initiatives. Previously, she was part of M&A risk advisory practice at Deloitte.


Dhruv Doshi

Platform & Marketing, LBS MBA 2022

Prior to LBS, Dhruv worked in pharmaceutical manufacturing in various technical and operational roles. He is interested in expanding his horizons in different directions through the MBA.


Jovana Raicevic

Exhibitors Outreach, LBS MiM 2021

Jovana is striving to leverage her financial advisory experience towards a career in a high-growth start-up or venture capital. Her previous internships include Deloitte and Victoria Group, a largest agricultural company in Southeastern Europe.


Harry Brown

website design, MEng ACGI

Website designer and Computing graduate, Imperial College London.